The Loss of Tyson Chandler…What Now?


Now that the news is official and we know that Tyson Chandler will be out at least 4-6 weeks, the Knicks can now figure out what is on tap for them as a team. The most obvious question is who replaces Tyson in the middle, and do the Knicks go “small” to patch the team until Tyson’s return in late Knicks_Cavaliers_Basketball__ctnews@chroniclet.com_2-MDecember?

Go Small or Lose?

The Knicks have no choice at the moment but to go “small”. It’s not like the “big” line-up was working anyway. With the small line-up in place, the Knicks could start Shump, Melo and K-Mart up front with Raymond and Pablo in the backcourt. This line-up had much success last year.

However, all this is predicated on the basis that Pablo Prigioni will play well, which he has not in the first 4 games of the 13/14 season. You can go small as you want, but if your starting point guard is not performing well, then this defeats the purpose of “small ball” and does not replicate last year’s wins.

Raymond Felton:

If you look at “small ball” from another perspective, you can honestly say that if you need to start another PG along side of Ray to keep the ball moving and flowing, then what does this say about Raymond Felton as your starting PG? It tell you that Raymond might not be the right PG for this team?

Don’t Panic Yet:

I will be honest, I am not panicking yet, but I am deeply concerned about the lack of flow within the offense, and the fact that the guards cannot keep anyone in front of them.

The offense is stagnant, and I ask you why is that? Some of this issue is because of the “ISO” Melo nonsense that drives me crazy, but I know that Melo is the 1st option, but why is he the only option? Why when the game gets tight do the Knicks have to shut down and go to Melo ALL of the time?  Make this a team game and offense will come easier, as a veteran star Melo should understand this with a light bulb flashing above his head.

I also do not like the way Ray is running this team. When the offense comes down the court Ray runs from side to side and nothing happens, resulting in wasted time on the clock. It’s just that…running around in circles with no objective. Dump the ball into Melo and spread out? That’s it…that’s your offense? That is not team play in any sense of the word and will not help the Knicks succeed this year. I am starting to get the feeling that the Knicks have learned nothing from last years loss to Indiana in the 2nd round.

Besides that fact that Melo does not pass the ball very much, Raymond needs to get into the offense faster and make quick decisions, he also needs to demand the team to move the ball from side to side and inside out. This is not happening, and I believe it is the responsibility of Melo, Ray and Mike Woodson to fix this easy problem.

Melo Can Pass:

Carmelo Anthony has to wake up and realize that if he gets his teammates involved it will create a team atmosphere and team unity within each player. This will lead to more open looks, especially for Melo, and a balanced attack. You have a 7 foot Italian that can post up players and create his own shot, but for some odd reason Woody and Melo running “ISO” and the rest of the team standing around while the Knicks go one and done is the way they want to go. That is not team basketball. That is a recipe for losing, and losing is what they are doing right now.

Promote team play, move the ball and the Knicks could win.

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  • 071189

    Melo is a poor passer, the more you pas the ball to Melo, the more he turns it over. Same goes for Amare-two terrible passers.