What If Melo Actually Leaves the Knicks?

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I do not want Melo to leave, but lets say he does. Where are the Knicks? Doomsday, Armageddon, end of the world? I think not ladies and gentlemen. This could actually be a blessing in disguise in a weird kind of way.ny_g_melo01jr_600_300

Lets say Melo opts out and walks away from the Knicks at the end of this season. Where are the Knicks? They are for sure in deep trouble for the 2015 season, but beyond that the sky is blue and all is good I assure you; as long as the Knicks brass listen to what I have to say.

The Plan:

1)   There is no loyalty in this business. Even though the Knicks gave up half of their roster to get Melo into the “big apple”, he decides that this situation isn’t good enough and he leaves the Knicks high and dry. Ok, I have to accept this, and this is the aftermath we will be in. Twenty-three and half million dollars comes off the Knicks cap. This does not help in the 15 season, but sets the stage for a forced rebuild.

2)   The Knicks fill their roster spot with Ivan Johnson and the re-signing of Jeremy Tyler for starters.

3)   Mike Woodson is relieved of his duties and the Knicks go after a young coach with new ideas, or try to lure JVG out of the booth and back to the MSG sidelines. I have this feeling that John Calipari takes the job. This is something that I am not in love with but might not have a choice on.

4)   The Knicks record in 2015 is a bad one, leaving them with a top 5 pick. This pick will be used for the best player available, and hopefully a franchise type of player that can grow with the team.

5)   The Knicks also get to see the maturation of THJr and Jeremy Tyler.alg-carmelo-anthony-smiles-jpg

6)   Before the trade deadline next year the Knicks can try to trade Tyson and/or Shump for a 1st rounder, giving the Knicks 2 first rounder’s in the 2015 draft for the first time since the dawn of time.

7)   In the 2015 off-season the Knicks will have Barg’s, Stat and Tyson, if they do not trade any of them for picks, coming off the cap. This will put the Knicks in a cap friendly environment allowing them to sign two max players along with a hopeful top 5 pick, and most likely a late first rounder that comes from the Tyson trade.

This scenario is not the most ideal situation, but a forced rebuild might not be the worst thing in the world if you’re the Knicks and a fan. We are all tired of panic trades and bad decision-making. But a forced rebuild might give the Knicks a chance to redo their entire roster in the summer of 2015.

This is not 3-5 years away, but only 1 and half a years away. I believe most Knicks fans want this team built the right way like a OKC or a Portland. So Melo leaving might not be the worst thing in the world.

Remember, I don’t want him to go, and I think the Knicks can build around him, but if he goes I am not going to scream Armageddon at the top of the Empire State Building. I will take a step back and hope the Knicks brass can build a contender the right way.

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