Melo Back in the Fold for the Knicks…Now What’s Next?

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From my perspective I can tell you that I was nervous. This past week had me thinking a roller coaster of thoughts: he’s gone, he’s back, he does not want to be here, and he only wants the money. Some of these thoughts could be true, but who am I to judge another human for wanting money and power.135338-330-0

Did Melo choose the Knicks only for the money? Did he really want Chicago and only did not go there because of their lack of funds to acquire him? Maybe so, but in the end the Knicks got their man, and in the end Melo got what he wanted, whatever that was.

We move forward. With Melo back in the fold the Knicks can now move on to adding more pieces to their open roster. NY has a 3.6 million dollar trade exemption from the Dallas trade that they can use on a free agent, as well as a mini mid level that starts at 3+ million. These two slots could add a very valuable asset and player into the Knicks roster.

Who could that be? Trevor Booker has been talked about, but there are other “bigs” out there that can be had. Time will tell as the top free agents begin to sign, and down the road the 3+millon dollar range players will get their time in the sun.

Summer League so far has shown us one thing. Cleanthony Early can play, and should be a part of the Knicks rotation this year.

Another player that intrigues me is Thanasis Ante…. Well you know what I mean. Thansasis is a bundle of energy that at times seems way to hyped, however this is an intangible that the New York Knicks desperately need on their roster.

It’s still early in free agency, so I am not worried just yet. We got Melo back and now we need to add some pieces to balance the roster out. I will be patient. You should be as well.

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