Why Melo Will Stay in New York


By Leon Jacobsen

Well right about now the majority of the Knicks fan base is going crazy not knowing what Carmelo Anthony is going to do. I for one believes he’s staying in NY, and the reasons he’s opting out is purely to secure his contract and to see what free agency is really all about.

Let’s look at Melo’s options if he did decide to leave the Knicks.9e1e501059b0a0c7e4227b3e8e70623c_crop_north

Houston Rockets – They are in a very tough Western Conference and while Melo would be joining forces with Harden & Howard there are no guarantees the Rockets would still get out of the West. The Spurs just destroyed the Heat with team basketball, and to be honest, I don’t see the Spurs just disappearing next season, or even in the next few seasons if the keep their core intact. The Rockets have Harden, Howard and Parsons, but they need the ball in their hands often, so if they add Melo to this group I see many problems occurring down the stretch with huge egos clashing. This will make it even harder to get out of the West for sure.

Dallas Mavericks – Again, like the Rockets, the Mavs in the Western Conference. The Mavericks have cap space but I think would be further away than the Rockets if Melo joined Houston. Dirk and Melo could be fun to watch, but I do not see this being an option at all for Melo.

Chicago Bulls – This team is well coached and Melo knows it, but the Bulls have an injured former MVP that has played around 10 games in the last 2 seasons. Melo joined the Knicks to join forces with Stoudemire, but Melo has seen 1st hand what injuries can do. Would Melo risk a similar move again? The Bulls run through walls for their coach Tom Thibodeau, but in saying that, Thibodeau is also known for playing shorter rotations and playing certain players a lot of minutes consistently. Does Melo want to play these extended minutes like he did last season with the Knicks?

Furthermore, if Rose came back and got injured again Melo would be the guy to carry the Bulls, just like he did with the Knicks, and would have very limited help on the offensive end; meaning being doubled and tripled teamed at all times. Sound familiar? You bet you it does, Melo joining the Bulls is one injury to a key guy away from being NY like last season and during his tenure in the orange and blue. A Knicks 2.0 could easily present itself. Melo has just turned 30 and with Thibodeau’s coaching methods and minutes he wants his stars to play Melo could seriously risk a injury that could shorten his career. The East is weaker yes and if Melo joined the Bulls they would be a serious contender in this division, but as mentioned above they are one issue away from a potential disaster. He would be foolish to end up in Chi-town.

Miami Heat – I honestly just can’t see the big 3 opting out of their contracts this season. If they do opt out and decide to take less to get Melo, would Melo really take 70 million less than he can get with the Knicks? Now if Bosh opts out & looks for another big contract, maybe with Dallas, or maybe Wade retires and gives up 20 plus million the Knicks might have a problem, however all that is highly unlikely. Bosh loves Miami and will opt in, and Wade will never give up that kind of money since he most certainly will not get a big contract again.  I just see the “Melo to the Heat” rumor would need a miracle for it to happen.

Melo Will Stay in New York:

Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher – These two guys are bringing a system and team basketball back to New York. It is going to make life easier and more fun for Melo to play basketball. If Melo has had the chance to speak to his very good mate in Kobe Bryant about Phil and Derek there is NO derek-fisher-phil-jacksonWAY that Melo is walking away from this team. I’ve recently watched a documentary on the 2010 Finals series between the Lakers & Celtics. When Kobe talks about these 2 individuals (Phil & Derek) he had nothing but praise, admiration and respect for what they have done for his career in helping him achieve his goals. These goals that Kobe has achieved are the same ones Melo wants more than anything. If he really does then he should not be so short sighted and look at the big picture.

Reasoning Behind Opting Out – Melo is Opting Out for 2 Reasons:

First: He wants secure his contract before any likelihood of injury. He will get his final contract stitched up and take comfort in knowing where he will be until he retires. By Melo also staying put and taking less will show the 2015 Free Agency class there is a great possibility to join Melo in NYC. The Knicks can give a 5-year deal where other teams can only give him 4, this type of security is another deal breaker, resulting in him staying in the Big Apple. Melo is simply opting out to be wooed in Free Agency, he just wants to experience it, nothing more nothing less. There was a report the other day after the Phil Jackson, Steve Mills and Derek Fisher meeting with Melo in LA saying that Melo is still leaning towards opting out and seriously considering leaving the Knicks. My thoughts towards this information are as follows: if Melo says he’s staying with the Knicks before Free Agency he might never get to experience being treated like basketball royalty with the other teams trying to get him to join them.

Team Ball is the Key:

San Antonio Spurs – What this team just did to the Miami Heat in the Finals is something both Phil and Derek will try very hard to bring to the Knicks. Team orientated basketball; this should excite Melo in many ways you would think. Melo has spoken a lot in press conferences about having fun, but also winning. This system that the Spurs use has everyone involved, resulting in the team becoming a unit through & through creating success and fun doing something you love to do.

No Guarantees in Winning Elsewhere:

There is no guarantee at all any of the other teams I’ve mentioned above can offer Melo the chance to win next season. If Melo stays he can help build a team with Phil and Derek. Let’s be honest, he has options but they are vey limited. NY is where his future should be.

Stay patient Knicks fans, and be prepared to have Carmelo Anthony in a Knicks jersey until he retires. Raising a Banner is what the goal is!

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  • Muhammed

    Just want it to end already so he can retire as a Knick but definitely like our chances in keeping him. Good piece!!!!