Carmelo: A Man On an Island or a Team?

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The Knicks can sign players and trade players, but the team will sink or swim with the game of Carmelo Anthony at the helm. I’m not saying he has to do it all, I actually think he needs to do less. Having trust in his teammates is über important. Not many stars can have that trust.

Speaking of trust, Alan Iverson was one of those players that had a hard time trusting his teammates, and never could get over the top. He carried his team to a finals appearance; however the “me against the world concept does not work”.

The stars that give up the ball are the ones that win. That’s a fact. Jordan, LeBron, and even Kobe gave up shots and control to get to the next level. Can Melo do the same or will he end up like Iverson?

He says all the right things but at this point he needs to back it up. I think Melo and the team get criticized a lot by the media. Melo and his teammates have had a bull’s eye on their back since 2010.

Let’s just say this, the time is now. The fans do not want to hear from the media and front office personnel that their time is next year. This is it Melo and the Knicks! If winning is not on the horizon, then what is next for this team?

One championship is all the city  asks for. This city is not looking that far down the road. Just one trophy Melo, just one trophy Knicks, you have the pieces to do damage. If you win one championship in New York, you instantly become an icon (ask Messier). When the ball is tipped on opening night the journey will begin. We will see what Melo and the Knicks are made of.

LeBron and the “Heatles” have reached the promise land and are gunning for a repeat. Which Knicks will show up? Will Melo carry this team or will he need Amare to help on this journey? Will these players gain chemistry or will Melo try to do it himself. I am of the belief that a little of both needs to take place. Melo is a far better player, but with Amare’s added low post presence, Melo will be able to play off him. Last year Amare played off Melo and things couldn’t have been any worse.


Take a breath and take one game at a time. Let us see if the New York Knicks can raise the banner and that trophy. Let us see if Melo will carry this team on his back or ask Stat to be his partner.


Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor



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  • vern

    Melo gives the ball up, the problem is they throw it right back to him with short seconds left on the shot clock making him have to shoot or turn the ball over. If nobody else wants the ball whats the man to do?

  • JRB

    You (& everybody else) keeps referring to the Knicks as “Melo & the Knicks.” I think this alone just about sums it up. If you give someone the title of being “the team,” how do not expect them to react by carrying the team on their back and doing all they can do get a W. I mean, he did his fair share last season, but no matter what he does or doesn’t do… people are always going to have something to say & most of the time it’s not good. I think people need to stop focusing on Melo, he’s going to do what he needs to do to take the team all the way. But people are missing key players and pieces needed to get there. As good as Melo is, he can’t win a ship on his own, no one can. And the Knicks have a pretty well-rounded, strong team this season. I think people underestimate what they ALL will be able to do granted they all gel well together. Shump, Smith, Kidd, Stat, Melo, Camby, Chandler & Brewer…That looks like a Championship team if you ask me…

    • vern

      I agree! Just referring to the team as Melo and the Knicks is a negative.It’s a team and no one person is going to win anything in a team sport.Looking at the team now shows lots of promise. As long as everyone accepts their role and is committed to doing whatever the team needs to do to advance we’ll be alright.Lots of guys say the right thing but we need them to do the right thing.I’m not niave enough to think we’re in the championship game but given our current personnel it wouldn’t catch me off guard if we were right there in that final.I think we have just as much chance as the rest of them.IMO, The Heat are the team to beat just because they’re the champs until someone shows different.The rest of the teams that look good are just that, they look good on paper.

  • Dominick

    All the songs and dances end now. No more alibis, no more we need this and that. Let’s not forget, this is what they built, options were limitted after we traded for Melo, then Lin leaves and we again get nothing, so now it is what it is. And for some to say Melo passes and they pass it back, find that one hard, he can’t hold it for 19 seconds then expect miracles in 5 seconds. All that being said, if Knicks don’t create an offensive scheme, they’ll be an early playoff exit again. It’s one thing to play ISO during season, but in playoffs playing same team night after might, it’s predictable and easy to defend. “Woodson welcome to the hot seat”. Balls in his court now.