Knicks Lose Again…Mike Woodson Could Be Gone Soon?


After tonight’s loss to the Pistons, It’s been officially a rough start of the season for the New York Knicks and head coach Mike Woodson. Yea, their bridge town rivals the Brooklyn Nets have identical records as I write this scathing article about the Knicks and coach Woody, but it is the way the imgresKnicks are losing that is so disappointing. I feel as if the Isiah days are back at MSG, as the Knicks struggle to gain an identity. We can point fingers at many different players, GM’s and owners, but the buck stops with coach Mike Woodson for a couple of reasons.

Yes, the players have to play the game, but the coach sets the tone, demands accountability and inserts offensive and defensive schemes the help the players make the game easier for them. I am not going to blame injuries and front office moves, even though those two subjects are articles all by themselves…this one is about Mike Woodson and his lack of grip on the players.

It is obvious that the team has quit on him. There is still time to fix this, but time is wasting on a coach that just last year was being praised, but now is a pariah. Does he deserve this criticism? Not all of it, however some of Mike’s rotations are very questionable at best. His love and infatuation of J.R. makes me wonder what he is thinking, along with the fact that his love for J.R. stunts the growth of Iman Shumpert. His stubbornness to stick with the ISO Melo and not demand ball movement makes me scratch my head as well. I can continue to write articles about the lack of ball movement, but aren’t these the fundamentals of basketball? Ball movement, team play, swing the ball and man up on D. These four fundamentals make a team better as the season goes along, not worse off!

Woody has lost the team…plain and simple. There are many reasons why this has happened. The few that I mentioned are the major, but some others can add up to big problems that seemto be showing at such a young stage in the Knicks season. It might be time for change. Change for the sake of change is never a good thing, however this time might be the exception.

Letting Coach Woody go could save the season, but who would taker over? Herb Williams? I hope not. That would just prolong the agony for the rest of the season. A call to JVG or Phil Jackson is a possibility, but unlikely. This is the reason the Knicks brass should think long and hard before they make such a move. The only way I would make this move is if they were thinking about blowing the team up, stock piling draft picks and building a team through the draft a la OKC.

They could do this but they need to let Woody go, trade Melo to the highest bidder and hope to land some talented young players in the next three drafts. Since they do not have any draft picks, they might have to move Melo, get under the cap and build the right way, so keeping Melo to do this is not possible.

Does NY have the patience for that? Probably not, but I do. I want a sound team that has young talent and a blend of chemistry, not a mix match of talented players, but many who do not fit together. Forget about over priced free agents and years of no draft picks. Get this thing right, build a solid team and compete for years not just a blip on the radar for one.

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  • James Changer

    72 games left in the season and your taken the blue pill.. really? lol