Move Over Boston, Here Comes the New York Knicks


All Things Come To An End

I remember in 1st grade I was bullied by this kid named Orlando. For an entire year Orlando terrorized me by taking my lunch money, pushing me around, even chased me home on the last day of school, but getting pushed around got tired really fast and when 2nd grade began I stood up for myself and let Orlando have it. The big bad bully was no more and that’s what I equate to the Knicks & Celtics.

Since the start of the 2007-08 Season, the Celtics have gone an astonishing 17-5 against the Knicks, including a 4-0 Kevin_Garnett_vs_Carmelo_Anthonysweep during the 1st Rd of the 2010-11 NBA playoffs. So basically the Knicks have gone 5-21 against Boston since the arrival of Kevin Garnett. During that same period more than any other Celtic, Paul Pierce has absolutely done the most damage. His penchant for hitting crushing last second shots against the Knicks serves as proof of his penchant for inflicting pain and also serves as one of the reasons why respect has been nearly impossible for him to give. For him, the Garden has been his personal playground and for the most part Knicks/Celtics have been no more than preliminary games.

Pierce, by far the most arrogant of the Celtics, still has yet to recognize the Knicks as a worthy rival and continues to relegate them to 2nd tier status. It’s apparently clear that the Celtics players view the Knicks similar to last year’s Sixers; a team that will fall back to the pack, allowing them to be overtaken in the end especially with a full 82-gm season. However, what the Celtics don’t realize is that all things must come to an end, and their dominance and reign of the Atlantic Division the past five years is all but over!

At this point in the season, the Knicks have passed a multitude of tests, but in many ways the challenge of surpassing the Celtics is the most important mission of the season. Woodson has made it clear that winning the division has been priority #1, so tonight is step one on shutting the door on the Garnett Era and clearing the way for the Carmelo Era to begin.

Currently the Knicks hold a whopping 7 game lead over the Boston Celtics and a win tonight can push the Celtics as far back as 8 games. It comes a time when you must make a stand and smack the big bad bully right in the mouth. If the Knicks don’t they may come to regret it later.


Charles R. Trimble III @ TrimsFCN – Knickswag Contributor

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