My Favorite for the Knicks at 24: Tony Snell

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Strengths: Snell possesses a picturesque shooting stroke and an easygoing on-court style … If he doesn’t do it smooth, he doesn’t do it … Sneaky explosive – makes your draw drop every now and then … At 6’7 he possesses intriguing size for the shooting guard position … With a 1353442343high release and solid elevation, he gets unperturbed looks at the bucket. His shot is unblockable … His jump shot and range are NBA ready right now … Lights out in catch and shoot situations coming off screens and curls; reads defenses and knows how to get open … Boasts a “special” 65.3% adjusted FG% shooting off left side screens … Sets his feet quickly with no wasted movements—right up into the shot … When afforded time to release in rhythm, might as well just put three points on the board (39% 3PT) … Snell scored 12.5 points per game as a junior, including .98 PPP against man defense … Cold blooded shooter in late clock and clutch situations … He knocks down 84% of his free throws … Talented ballhandler who can run the show in a crunch … Efficient decision maker in the pick and roll … Patient and shifty, effectively utilizes change of pace … He’s a capable off the dribble playmaker with good vision (2.9 AST) and a knack for drawing the defense (despite his preference to pass) … Thrived in New Mexico’s ball movement predicated offense … Dynamite on-ball defender – opponents scored 18.8% of the time against him when isolated … Very good lateral quickness and tremendous length for a perimeter defender … Exhibits plus level defensive awareness.

Weaknesses: He shows killer instinct at times, which only makes his lack of a consistent aggressive mindset more exasperating … Smooth to a fault. Passive and goes with the flow, doesn’t ensure that he gets his own (9.7 FGA) … Snell has not displayed a clear cut desire to improve and fully utilize his physical gifts .. While not quite as frail as he’s portrayed, his frame is capable of housing added muscle in the 220 lb. range … Deltoid muscles of theNew Mexico v Harvard shoulder are defined. Nevertheless, he will need to add strength to contain new breed of power 3’s .. Despite a quick first step and explosive leaping ability, he’s hesitant to drive … Contact is not his favorite (2.9 FTA) … Difficulty handling the rock and creating his own shot against pressure — scored .59 PPP in ISO opportunities (2.1 TO) … Reluctant to dribble into his jumper when isolated … There is substantial room for growth in the mid-range department … He buys himself free space from the foul line extended by being a long-distance threat, would be well served to use it (flaring/curling off screens and off the bounce) … Snell needs to play behind a greater sense of urgency rather than letting the action dictate his role.

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