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Pablo Prigioni is a unknown commodity in the NBA and in particular the NY Knicks. On the Euro stage, Pablo has built a long lasting career. Making the jump to the NBA is tough as it is, but to do so at age 35 is almost impossible. In camp so far, Pablo has impressed with his skills, attitude and conditioning. The NBA season is long and arduous and I can envision Pablo playing some decent minutes and producing when his number is called. Pablo has the right attitude as you can read here:

Pablo Prigioni - Via Marc Berman 

General manager Glen Grunwald had tried to woo Prigioni for years. Before ImanShumpert returns, there will be games Kidd plays backup shooting guard and Prigioni picks up the minutes at point guard.

“I’m here to help the team when it needs me,’’ Prigioni said. “This is the time to get in shape. I want to be consistent and play smart. In this league, there are great shooters, great athletes. My place is to be a smart player and make my teammates happy. I will help the team where it needs me.’’

My only concerns are like most Knick followers. Will the speed of the game make him a liability on defense and will his offensive skills carry over to the level?

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor 

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  • Walter D Shivers

    Pablo will be a tremendous addition.