Knicks Update: Pablo to Play in Game 2?

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According to Marc Berman, Mike Woodson stated that Pablo will most likely play in game 2 Tuesday night. These extended breaks in between games benefits the Knicks in every way. With Pablo back in the rotation the Knicks can go back to the starting line up that gave them so much success the last month of the season. Marc Berman NY Post:

Knicks coach Mike Woodson said if yesterday had been a Game 7, starting guard Pablo Prigioni likely would have suited up on his balky right ankle in the first-round playoff opener against the Celtics.

Woodson said he believes Prigioni will be ready for Game 2 on Tuesday and for the Knicks, that is a good thing. That’s because Woodson started Chris Copeland at the wing, and he appeared hampered by a recent shoulder surgery and seemed a bit overwhelmed in his playoff debut.

Copeland, recently a scoring beast, was scoreless in 12:46, going 0 for 3 in the Knicks’ 85-78 win.

“He could be a little nervous,’’ Woodson said after Game 1 at the Garden. “I started him and started him in the second half. This is big-time basketball and when you never [have] done it, it can be an eye opener. He will be all right. [We will] watch tape tomorrow and we will get him comfortable.’’

Copeland said he could use the few days to rest his shoulder, which popped out in the regular-season finale. He wore supportive tape on his shoulder and a black T-shirt to cover it.

“Could be better, but no excuses,’’ Copeland said of the sore left shoulder. “Rest will help.’’

The Knicks were 14-2 with Pablo as as starter and yesterday it was obvious the ball did not move as well without him in there. Was this because of him or was this the Boston defense? I believe it was a little of both. With Pablo in the line up and the rotation the Knicks are definitely a better team.

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