Saying Goodbye to J.R. Smith

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When is the time to say goodbye to J.R. Smith? Was it the marijuana suspension, the numerous twitter issues, or was it the repeated disrespect to the NBA over stupid, petty immaturity?

These infractions are just a few that I can recall from a laundry list of misconduct that would have any other player suspended or traded away to BXmCiNwCYAEOJlMSiberia.

Any other player on this team or any other player from other “well run” franchises would have never given J.R. the contract, the freedom, and the chance to continue this bad behavior. Instead, Mike Woodson and the Knicks brass have rewarded J.R. with 30+ minutes a game, and even signed his younger brother to a guaranteed contract for 1 year that had nepotism written all over it.

On the Court:

Looking past all these “off the court” issues, lets look at his on the court problems and mistakes.

J.R. on the court has committed ghastly turnovers, boneheaded passes and ill-advised shots from game to game. This past game vs. the Pistons, fans were heard booing as he came into the game, and even heard booing when he took some questionable shots. That’s why Knicks fans are some of the smartest in the league; we understand the game.

We all wonder everyday when Woody will sit him and stop hitching is wagon to the downward spiral that is J.R. Smith. When will Woody give up and tell Knicks management that he has had enough of this nonsense?

This Knicks organization has not performed up to expectations. The entire team and front office, including James Dolan, need to be held accountable, but this seems to never happen when it comes to J.R. Smith.

Move J.R. Now:

J.R. Smith has worn out his welcome here and it is time to let Toure’, Shump and Tim Jr. get the proper playing time to develop. Smith is hindering all these players from learning the game and becoming major parts of the rotation.


Speaking for a majority of Knicks fans, it is time to move on from J.R. and either bench him for good or move him at the deadline. This task will not be easy but definitely doable. Get it done Mills! Do not let this drag on much longer.

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