Why Not Shawne Williams?

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Shawne Williams is currently unemployed in professional basketball, in particular the NBA. Shawne has had an up and down career, most notably down last year. Shawne is a very talented player for his size, but his mid-range game is the one weakness he needs to improve on. He is still young and has time to resurrect his career.

The New York Knicks are in search of spot minutes Power Forward and Small Forward. They have had a few players in for work outs, but absent from that list has been Shawne. Supposedly Shawne wants back in the Knicks organization and a return to his first resurrection.

The Knicks offense is made up Melo and Amare. Their back-court and front-court, minus Melo and Stat is mostly made up of defensive players. Defense is definitely important to this team; however an effective offense is paramount to winning.

Shawne has the tools to contribute to this team. If he is signed he would be arguably the 2nd best shooter on the team. He has a sweet stroke from three and his post up defense was a surprise to all of us.  He excelled in the D’antoni offense, but also showed some positives on the deplorable D’antoni defense. He can play multiple positions if needed, even though his most natural would be SF. If asked to spell Amare, he could step in and give you a solid 15-20 minutes of solid work. On the offense end, he could pull out the PF to the perimeter and open the floor up for his teammates to roam and execute. If Melo moves over to the PF, Shawne can slide into his natural position at SF.

Think for a second, NY is trying out Small Forwards and Power Forwards, but why can’t they have one guy who can play both positions.  Why bring in Tracy Mcgrady, Kenyon Martin, Josh Howard and a handful of others, if Shawne can handle the job for one salary.

NY has some time to make decisions, but players are dropping fast. Kenyon is on the horizon and Shawnee is right behind him. At this point late in the season players options are dwindling.  Many teams have full rosters and few have guaranteed contracts available.  At some point teams will only be offering camp invites. Could NY sit and wait for Shawne’s options to be non-existent? Why take the risk and just secure him now. Shawne is a good fit over almost the free agents the Knicks have brought in. The perfect fit is right in NY’s face. Act on it and sign Shawne Williams to a guaranteed contract.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor


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