Knicks and Minnesota: A Trade That Makes Sense

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Tyson Chandler for Derrick Williams, Luke Ridnour and the 26th pick:

At first glance this trade seems uneven on the negative end for the Minnesota Timberwolves. They are giving up two rotational players and a first rounder, but if you take a closer glance you can see that this makes sense on both ends for both organizations.url-8

Knicks Point of View: New York is giving up their anchor as well as their heart and soul on the defensive end of the court. However, with Tyson’s poor playoff performance and the Knicks desperate need for players at many positions, coupled with their need for a low post scorer, New York must make this trade.

Acquiring Derrick Williams is a gamble. Without a clear position (PF/SF) Derrick has been a grave disappointment in his young NBA career, Although he had a positive year last year, he is still not producing the way a 2nd overall pick should. He has the skills to play down in the paint, but for some reason avoids contact. He is at best 6’8” in shoes, which is not great size for the PF spot. Having said all that, the Knicks could take a gamble on him and allow him to develop, sharing minutes with Amar’e this year.

Also along in the trade would be Luke Ridnour, who has been coveted by NY for many years. Luke is a shooting guard in a point guard’s body with a silky smooth shooting touch. He would become the back up point guard that Knicks need, replacing Jason Kidd and possibly derrick_williams_2013_01_03Pablo Prigioni. This acquisition gives the Knicks an offensive punch, while giving them great depth in the backcourt along with Shumpert and possibly J.R. Smith.

To finish out the trade the Knicks would receive one of Minnesota’s two first round picks. The 26th pick would be the Knicks second pick of the first round, the first being the 24th. With those two picks the Knicks can continue to add to their roster with the best player’s available.

Replacing Tyson will be tough, we all understand that, but sacrifices are necessary to fill major holes on this team. Like I said in previous articles about Tyson trades, The Knicks could use their taxpayer mini mid on a player like Samuel Dalembert, who can then share the position with Camby, Barron and K-Mart.

Minnesota’s Point of View: Newly hired GM Flip Saunders needs to make his mark on this team. Getting younger is not helping the team in the win column, including their quest to make the playoffs, so to acquire a proven center in Tyson would give the T-Wolves instant credibility defensively.

Giving up on Derrick Williams would hurt, since they invested their 2nd overall pick in him, but clearly they have players in front of him in Pekovic, Kirilenko and Kevin Love.

Luke Ridnour, who is in his last year of his contract, is a nice player for them, but they have budding star Ricky Rubio, as well as Alexey Shved and Los Angeles Lakers v Minnesota TimberwolvesBarrea all locked into multi-year deals.

The 26th pick is their second pick of the draft, with their first being the 9th overall. The T-Wolves can still draft a need player at the 9th spot and use the 26th in this package to get a veteran center to man the front line. The Timberwolves line up would most likely look like this: Rubio, Shved, Love, Pekovic, Chandler, with Barrea, Kirilenko and others to help Minnesota get to the playoffs next year.

Overall, this trade helps both teams. The Wolves get their center for the next 2 years and the Knicks take on a project in D-Williams, along with solid back up PG Ridnour, and the 26th pick. Everyone wins and everyone is happy.

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  • Minnesota D

    You were right at first glance. This trade makes no sense for the Timberwolves. The Wolves should be looking to resign Pekovic and looking to add some 3 point shooters. Ridnour was the Wolves best shooter from downtown last year and they cannot afford to let him or a much improved Williams go. And for defensive specialist Tyson Chandler? Along with a first round pick? Bottom line Chandler makes $13 million a year while Ridnour and Williams combined to make half that and will give you a consistent 30 points a game. Chandler is also perfect for the Knicks. He plays defense and at the offensive end he can watch Mello shoot as well as any center in the league. He might even get a put back or two.

  • Ted

    I am tired of having Williams always out there as trade bait. For one he is good and getting better, for two, he must check his email each day to see if they traded him. That never helps productivity. Perhaps they should trade Glen Taylor, for an owner to be named later. Minnesota is an embarrassment to the NBA. We are finally starting to develop a team and I think Williams should be a part of it.

  • danpowers

    sorry but thats when everybody with at least a little bit of basketball knowledge should have stopped reading: “with Tyson’s poor playoff performance”. chandler was ill and yet not a 100% returning from an injury. that trade would leave ny as a team that could hardly make the playoffs, as the payroll wouldnt allow to sign or even trade for any big man even close to chandlers value. sorry, but what a big piece of nonsense

    • Peter A

      They can trade but not add salary. They cannot do any sign and trades with the opposing team doing the signing and trading, but they can sign and trade their own. Read the rules my man. As far as Tyson’s performance. It does not matter was sick or hurt. He performed poorly and was killed on the glass. Were you watching the same playoffs?

  • vallecete

    Esto no hay por donde cogerlo, los Wolves pierden claramente, no tiene ningún sentido.Lo que hay buscar son tiradores que es lo que hace falta, eso lo ve hasta un niño.