NY vs. Miami. Who Starts?

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I am going to look into what line up might work best against the World Champion Miami Heat.

I have only taken 6 sets of statistics for this article; they are what each player has achieved per 36 minutes over their career. The 6 sets of statistics are Points, Field Goal %, 3 Point %, Rebounds, Assists & Turnovers.

We all know the Knicks starting lineup will include Chandler, Stoudemire & Anthony but who should be starting SG & PG and play majority of minutes against the Heat?

Firstly, I will compare the SG’s of the Knicks with these 6 statistics to see which player leads majority of categories. The player order of the figures will run Brewer, Shumpert then JR Smith.

Points – 9.0 / 11.9 / 18.6
Advantage JR Smith
Field Goal % – .501 / .401 / .427
Advantage Brewer
3P% – .244 / .306 / .369
Advantage JR Smith
Rebounds – 3.0 / 3.9 / 4.3
Advantage JR Smith
Assists – 1.8 / 3.5 / 3.0
Advantage Shumpert
Turnovers – 0.9 / 2.3 / 2.2
Advantage Brewer

So with JR Smith leading in 3 out of these 6 categories JR becomes the selection as our starting SG. Now I hear all of you saying I would rather have Shumpert or Brewer because they can defend the perimeter defender.

Well last year here are the points scored vs. points scored against when these 3 guys played as a SG. These statistics are per 48 minutes played from 82games.com

JR Smith (21.4 – 18.9)
Brewer (16.2 – 18.1)
Shumpert (15.0 – 21.9)

So JR Smith out scored his opponent on last year’s performance and was only 0.8 points behind being the best defender.

Now let’s have a look at the 2 Knicks PG’s in Felton and Kidd and compare them in these 6 categories. I will place Felton’s numbers 1st followed by Kidd’s.

Points – 13.9 / 12.8
Advantage Felton
FG % – .412 / .401
Advantage Felton
3P% – .330 / .349
Advantage Kidd
Rebounds – 3.5 / 6.3
Advantage Kidd
Assists – 7.0 / 8.9
Advantage Kidd
Turnovers – 2.7 / 2.9
Advantage Felton

OK, so these 2 PG’s can’t be split as they both have 3 categories they led in. I know which one I would prefer after looking at these numbers, but let’s compare the 2 PG’s  with the preferred SG in JR Smith vs. the Heat lineup.

The Heat’s starting 5 I can’t see changing from last season with Anthony, Bosh, James, Wade and Chalmers.

Here I will compare the Heat against the Knicks when they have Felton running the PG position with JR Smith at SG. I have placed Miami’s figure 1st followed by the Knicks lineup.

Points – 84.9 / 90.5
FG % – .478 / .481
3P% – .318 / .316
Rebs – 30.1 / 34.6
Assists – 19.6 / 15.6
Turnover – 12.1 / 12.6

So if the Knicks we were using Felton and JR Smith in the backcourt they would lead the Heat in 3 of the 6 categories (Points, FG% & Rebounds).

Would a combination of Kidd and JR Smith make the Knicks lineup any stronger? Let’s have a look once again; Miami will have the first set of numbers then the Knicks with JR at SG with Kidd at PG.

Points – 84.9 / 89.4
FG% – .478 / .479
3P% – .318 / .321
Rebs – 30.1 / 37.4
Assists – 19.6 / 17.5
Turnovers – 12.1 / 12.8

In summary, the Knicks would beat the Heat in 4 of the 6 categories (Points, FG%, 3P% & Rebounds).

My question is would you use a lineup of Kidd, JR, Anthony, Stoudemire and Chandler to play majority minutes versus the Heat?

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  • http://WhostartsMiami/knickswag.com Teena

    For starting lineup against the Heat, I Iike Felton, J.R Smith, Stat, Melo and Chandler. Of course, this does not include Shump due to his injuries and also hoping this lineup stays healthy.

    • Kenneth

      I only disagree with Smith, because the Knicks need his scoring off the bench. But this is the lineup I would go with if Amare is struggling and the Knicks need that extra bit of offense to start the game. Shumpert’s return from injury and development on offense will also be very important to this question being posed.

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  • Kenneth

    Who ends the game is more important that who starts in my opinion. The lineup that starts the game would be different than the one that ends it. I would start Felton, Brewer, Melo, Stoudemire and Chandler. Depending on the situation and the Heat lineup, the end of games would be different. I would have Kidd, Shumpert, Brewer, Melo and Chandler on the court if the Knicks needed to play defense. From behind, I would have Kidd, Smith, Melo, Amare and Chandler. It all depends on the situation at the end of games.