Suns Want Iman Shumpert, but Knicks Resist?


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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo, the Phoenix Suns are once again pursuing Iman Shumpert in a trade. Last year during the off-season and year, the Suns wanted Iman, but the Knicks never had any inclination of trading him.


If the Knicks were to make a trade including Iman, the return players and draft picks would have to make sense for the roster and the future of the club. Iman is a building block for this team. He is one of the only young players the Knicks have and to move him might result in a revolt from the fanbase, unless the return makes sense. I would be surprised if this trade or any other trade involving Iman Shumpert would happen. However, I am not against moving anyone on this team to free up the salary cap and make this team better for the future.

Instead of moving Iman, I would think about moving Steve Novak and Marcus Camby to add players that are healthy and producing. The Knicks need solid “bigs” who are healthy to aid Tyson for the playoffs. They also need perimeter defenders to help Raymond and Jason. If the Knicks think Iman will fully heal back to what he was pre injury, then they should not make a move. Also, if the Knicks think that Camby and Wallace will get healthy and contribute for the playoffs, then no moves will be made. Remember though, Marcus Camby is signed for the next 3 years and if his health and durability is a problem now, what will it be like next year? Stay tuned…..

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  • vern

    I was concerned with Camby when I first heard he was joining the team.He’s a good defender of the paint when he’s healthy but he’s never healthy.I’d rather keep Shump but i’d be open to a trade depending on the return.Like the article, Novak and Camby,also Brewer would IMO make more sense.