What it Takes to Win



The New York Knicks have 17 days until they report to camp. 17 days until their journey to a solid season and 17 days until NY execute their game plan on offense and defense. So many questions have been asked and now need to be answered.

New York has an old rival as a new neighbor, in the Brooklyn Nets, but the real competition is within the Knicks. Minutes, ego’s and chemistry are hurdles the Knicks need to leap over to follow through with their talk. Talk is that, just talk. If New York wants to be taken seriously from day 1, then action is the key to success. In order to win games, day after day, the Knicks need to stay focused on the task at hand and never waver in challenging moments. The mix of players in their prime, young bucks, OG’s and bubble guys, is what will make or break this team. Like most rosters that have this mix, the chemistry and power grab will raise the team or drop them off the abyss. The New York Knicks have the talent and the mix to succeed on a contending level, despite some of the Medias opinion.

If you compared last year’s roster to this year, you cannot come to any conclusion except, this team has upgraded in almost every position, especially on the front-court with Camby and Thomas. A few more spots are up for grabs, with the need for a backup wing and definitely a backup power forward. Some names are still out there, with one man in particular, Kenyon Martin. In my opinion Kenyon would be the final piece to a great season and a deep run in the playoffs, with chances at a Finals appearance.

The results of all these factors would put this team in prime position to get to the promise land. Of course health, chemistry and understanding of the team concept, is what will make or break the 2012/13 New York Knicks.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor


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  • schumi

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a foreign player fill that PF spot… Would be perfect fit to help create some kind of lineup where progioni and him could have preset systems…

    Just an idea tho… ;-)