It Takes Two, to Make a Thing Go Right

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It takes two to make a thing go right; it takes two to make it out of sight. These famous words by Rob Base are fitting for Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Well, Ok not as famous as you think, but a classic line in a song from my generation.

Amare to Melo and Melo to Amare are the keys to sustainable success in New York City and the Knicks. This task would be difficult in any galaxy, however with the recent news that Amare had gone to school with “The Dream”, our outlook has changed a bit. In the past, Amare only felt comfortable running pick and rolls and attempting jumpers. Could he execute other parts of his offense? I am sure he could have made a few plays here and there, but now with the commitment from Stat to work with Hakeem, the offense has to be broken down once again.

Picture this, Carmelo drops the ball in the low post to Amare and we see motion and cutting from the guards and small forwards. Amare can drop the pass to the cutters with a quick move to the rack for a basket or a foul. On the other hand we could see the ball dropped into Stat on the block and backs down the opposing player and waits for the double team to come. If it comes then he finds the open man or passes the ball out and the ball is swung around the perimeter until the open man is found and he takes the shot. These are just two options NY has to take advantage of other teams. Trust me we will see many offensive sets this year and these are basic plays.

Carmelo Anthony is a stone cold “assassin”. I know this is a strong statement and I have been saying it for years. If he is left open because of Stat’s low post presence, then things are going to get ugly for the opponents. The integral part of the offense is Amare. Can he back guys down and use the moves that Hakeem has bestowed to Amare. Of course Amare has to put in his own twist, but with the success Hakeem has had with others, I am hopeful. It is clear as day to me that Amare is the MOST IMPORTANT player on this team. When Amare is clicking on all cylinders, the team and the Knick fans have a whole different vibe about them.

Will Stat give you the “Beast” that he can be or will he crumble and fall back into the one-dimensional player he has been his whole career. In order for this team to take the next step, Amare to Melo and Melo to Amare must work and their chemistry must be complete, resulting in the New York Knicks becoming “Beasts of the East”.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor

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  • vern

    Good article,and I agree with the Carmelo beast thing. I also believe Stoudemire is the most important piece.If he has learned anything from his time with Hakim and adds a few of his own new twists and turns, the Knicks will be a problem. An open Carmelo IMO can’t be stopped so if Stoudemire can back down or post and wait for the double team to pass out to Carmelo or one of our other shooters(Novak,J.R.,etc.)I think we can make some noise.

    • Peter A

      100% correct

  • Pistol Pete Kilgore

    My name is Kilgore and I got a funky concept! So listen up! Melo and stat have to play defense and show the leadership we need to take us to the promise land!