The Injury Bug Continues or Just Rest?

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Raymond Felton is most likely back in the line-up tomorrow night after 4 weeks out from a broken pinkie. His insertion into the Knicks rotation cannot come at a better moment. His penetration into the teeth of the defense will be a blessing for the Knicks. Ray will create opportunities for Amare, Melo and Tyson, resulting in a much better offensive flow. His perimeter defense and toughness will work in harmony with Iman Shumpert in the backcourt. The tandem of Shump and Ray will most likely be the starting backcourt for the New York Knicks the rest of the year.

However, when good things happen in “Knicks Land” something bad seems to follow behind. Jason Kidd will probably be out for a few gamesurl with what the team is calling an “ailing back”. Not sure if this is just rest for Kidd after a brutal stretch while he covered for the injured Felton or this is a real injury. The timing seems to be too coincidental to be factual, but with this Knicks team you never know what to expect.

If the injury is real then it is the Knicks bad luck that they cannot have a full squad all at once. If NY wants to have a cohesive rotation then almost all of the team needs to be healthy. This harmonious rotation is the one thing that eludes this Knicks team this year and in years past.

In contrast, if the injury is just an excuse to give Jason some much needed and deserved rest then by all means take your time and get your legs back underneath you. There were times last year in Dallas that Kidd took a week off or two to rest. At his age, Kidd needs this rest to recuperate from the heavy minutes he has been playing.


Peter A - Knickswag

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