The Return of Marcus Camby: Part 2

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This weekend Marcus Camby will make his debut for the second time this year. Marcus has been sidelined with the painful foot injury, plantar fasciitis. Marcus is an important player for this Knick team, he is here to back-up Tyson Chandler, giving the Knicks a full 48 minutes of solid center play. With either Tyson or Marcus out on the floor at all times, the Knicks can button up their defense.url-1

Nobody expects Marcus to play 24 minutes or even 20, but if he can give you a solid 15 minutes worth of intimidation, blocked shots and rebounding, he will solidify the Knicks defense into a top 10 team. With the addition of K-Mart and now Camby to the bench, the Knicks defense will have a solid rotation of toughness and veteran defensive prowess.

The question is and has been all year for the entire Knicks team, can they stay healthy? Now that we know Rasheed Wallace is out for the year, this makes Marcus’ return more important than ever before. If he can stay healthy and contribute to this team, the Knicks will be in great shape for the final stretch of the season and the playoff run.

However, if Marcus’ foot issues linger, then the Knicks might have be in the market for another big to help out. Options have dwindled and deadlines have passed, so if the Knicks are to make a move they better do it soon or they might be stuck with the health of Marcus Camby and his foot as the only back-up center and frontline help for the rest of the 12/13 season.


Peter A – Knickswag

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