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Top Power Forwards of the NBA


The NBA has a slew of Power Forwards, but only 10 can make my list. How do you make this list? I believe toughness, desire, hard-nosed play, and a soft touch puts you in the top of the league. It is important to remember the inside-outside game is what makes you a top 10 player at your position. Let the countdown begin.

10) David Lee

I could interchange many guys from 11 to 10, but I am a NY guy and David grew on me over the years. When David came into the league he was strictly a rebounder and a darn good one. He had great timing and quickness to the ball and these are things you can’t teach. The next off season David came back with an automatic jumper from 12-15 feet. This changed his opponent’s defense and he flourished. The following year David extended his perimeter game from 15 -18 feet. His tomahawk and put back dunks increased and he was on the way to becoming a complete player. Davis Lee is worthy of the number 10 in my book.

9) Pau Gasol

Pau in his prime was a blend of talent. On Memphis he could pull you out and drain the jumper, but fake you and take it to the hole and power dunk in your face. He had the famous Barcelona beard and nasty snarl when he made great plays. Opponents thought he was the typical European outside power forward, but after one game with him he changed that mindset. On the Lakers he catapulted his career and cemented his legacy with multiple Championships.

8) Amare Stoudemire

Being a Knick supporter it’s hard to drop him into this spot, but honesty is important for this list. Stat once was the premier PF in the game. His jaw dropping dunks were relentless, after some injuries he re-defined his game and added a smooth jumper. However, Stat has slowed a bit and his lack of post-up game up to this point makes him very limited in the offense you can run with him. His defense has always been lacking, so I am not surprised he is in this spot.

7) Paul Millsap

In my opinion, I think Paul could be a lot higher in this list. He has a soft touch and is a very large man. He has the brute strength you need to bang down low with the boys, but also has a sweet touch from the perimeter. He is also a great teammate who came off the bench for the good of his team.

6) Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh is like many PF’s today, great outside touch, but a little thin inside. He carried Toronto for years with his game and now joining the HEATLES, he has a specific job. Hit the open jumper and rebound. Sounds simple right? Not so fast boys and girls, Chris is a skinny guy and if Miami is not careful, Chris will breakdown banging down low when he is accustomed to the perimeter.

5) Kevin Garnett

KG is the man, literally. Love his focus and intensity. Stories out of Beantown are when rookies come on to the team, if they didn’t look KG directly in his eyes, he gets up in their grill with that KG face. You all know what I mean. Kevin was one of the first to blend that inside-outside game. His love for fans and his teams are legendary. On Minnesota he was the “Big Ticket” and on Boston he was the heart and soul. Now older he has slowed quite a bit, but in his prime he was and all around power forward who was feared in the league.

4) Dirk Nowitzki

When Dallas drafted him out of Germany, they were laughed at and ridiculed. Have things changed, let’s just say that Dirk finally got his Championship and was one of the leaders of the team. Where KG left off Dirk took over and evolved the position even further. His jumper and 3 point shooting is off the charts and he plays like a guard, but can drive right by you and lay it in. He has a fade away jump shot that is in the Kobe/Jordan level of unstoppable. In his best years, Dirk would be number 1 on this list.

3) Blake Griffin

Some nights I watch Blake and I can’t believe what I just saw. His jaw dropping dunks are of legend already this early in his career. A knee injury has scared some people in the league, but only time will tell. His upside is unlimited; however his jumper is very poor and needs lots of work. I am putting high on this list because he has youth and hunger on his side. I can see Blake revolutionizing the game.

2) Lamarcus Aldridge

Aldridge is underrated, though so high on this list. His offensive touch out of college was tremendous. The question would be, can he handle himself on the block? He proved that question and had become one of the most consistent PF’s in the league. Portland does not get so much burn and if he was in a huge market he would be a house hold name. We don’t pay attention to the Media here and we rank on merit.

1) Kevin Love

That’s right. The nephew of the famous Beach Boy. Out of college Kevin was maybe a 10 and 10 guy. I love when scouts are wrong. Kevin has lit up the league ever since. His 3 point shooting is his bread and butter, resulting with pulling out the defenders opening up the floor for others. His rebounding is the best out of all the PF’s o this list. He has had too many double doubles to count any many 20-20 games to boot. His skills and statistics are God like. You may call him Zeus if you like. Kevin Love is my unanimous number 1 Power Forward in the NBA.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor

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