Toughness is the Knicks Achilles



As we approach the halfway point of the NBA season and the looming trade deadline grows closer, the New York Knicks are 25-13. We’ll see if a move is made, but New York doesn’t need shooting, veteran leadership, youth, or athletic ability. The Knicks need TOUGHNESS! Of those 13 losses, 7 of them have been against teams who simply beat the Knicks up for 4 quarters and were very physical with everyone in orange and blue, most specifically Carmelo Anthony. When you accomplish that against the Knicks you get tangible results and the whole Eastern Conference now knows it.


- January 11th in the Garden the Bulls smothered Anthony and although he ended up scoring 39 points the score was 57-36 at halftime.

- The Indiana and Boston games followed the same script: smother Anthony, get in everybody else’s face and watch the Knicks 6034crumble.

- Who can forget December 21st at the Garden when the Bulls came to Manhattan following the same script which lead to Melo, Woody, and Chandler all being ejected. This team has a tendency to lose their composure, start blaming refs and stop playing their brand of basketball.

- The 1st sign of that was during the 1st loss of the season in Memphis when the Griz outscored the Knicks 31-18 in the 3rd quarter as NY picked up 4 technical fouls.

Questions about if or when Rasheed Wallace will return only hurt the Knicks lack of toughness. Furthermore, Iman Shumpert’s return will boost it, but this has to come from the horses already in the stable. JR Smith, Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, and Amar’e Stoudemire – leave the refs alone and match the opposing teams’ level of physicality or we could be facing another agonizing 1st round exit.


Michael Jordan @TheMJSN – Knickswag Contributor

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