Could Toure’ Murry Stick with the Knicks?

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So far Toure’ Murry has turned some heads. If you have been reading here for a while now you would know that we have been high on him for a minute. I have come to the conclusion that Toure’ will not make the team because of the backlog of guards on this team. However, Toure’ has been impressive so far this pre-season. His defense and court awareness has made me re-think my position.

Via Marc Berman 

The other highlight came from point guard Tour’e Murry, who had 16 points and enhanced his chances of making the club, especially if the Knicks give up on rookie C.J. Leslie .

I have never understood the fascination with CJ Leslie. CJ is completely raw as a player. Could he be good one day? Sure he can, but should NY waste a roster spot on him when they can reward a player like Toure, as well as keep the extra big they truly need? That is why releasing CJ is a strong possibility.

Scenario: Knicks keep either Diogu or Aldrich as their 15th spot, and then release Leslie allowing them to retain another player. This player could be another big or possibly Toure’ Murry. Toure is 23 years old, 6’5″ and is an undrafted player out of Wichita State in 2012. He has bounced around the D-League eventually landing on the Knicks summer league roster where he has impressed. It says something to me when the Miami Heat like this kid enough to invite him to camp. They must see something in this kid as well.

New York has to make the right decision here. This decision is not a make or break one, but rewarding a player that impresses all summer and now in training camp is the correct thing to do for your franchise. Keep the best players PERIOD.

The Knicks have options, it’s not just about the 15th spot, but it is also about the 13th and 14th spots. These spots are taken up by partial guarantees like Jeremy Tyler and CJ Leslie. In my opinion Tyler is a keeper, but Leslie has shown me nothing so far. Why not reward Toure’ Murry and keep him on this team and let’s see what he brings!

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