Tyson Chandler the Heart and Soul of NY Basketball

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The day that Tyson Chandler was signed and traded to the NY Knicks; changed my view of the front office and Grunwald in particular. This was a major outside the box move, if there was ever one. Losing Chauncey was a blow, but in my opinion he was vastly over rated at this point in his career. If you had the Billups of old , than that’s a different story all together. His age and legs was a question mark at that point and he did not fair well in the Mike D system.

During the beginning of that off season, my colleagues here at the SWAG were discussing what the Knicks needed in the middle to help Amare in every way, especially on the D. We talked about getting a “Tyson type player, but not obviously Tyson because NY can’t afford him”. Players names surfaced like Kwame Brown, Marcus Camby, Deandre Jordan, and Josh McRoberts to name a few. I never in my dreams would I have thought that Grunwald would pull off this move. After the rumor surfaced that the Knicks were “close to landing ” Tyson, I feverishly called all my colleagues to break the news like I was a little kid. Was it possible the Knicks could land this NBA champion and the central figure in that Dallas Mavericks title?When it was confirmed that he was a Knick and he actually wanted to come here and play with Amare and Melo, I was rejuvenated( at least until Mike D brought me back down to reality).

In his first season you saw his intensity, toughness and attitude towards becoming a solid defensive team. That was his main goal, to keep players together and working on becoming that defensive power house that the Mavericks were. That effort was wasted with Mike D as coach , as well as Tyson’s main reason for being here. He was here to cover up Amare’s mistake’s and instill defensive honor to this team.

When Mike D resigned and Mike Woodson took over , you could see the instant change in Tyson’s feel for the D. He finally had a coach here that would preach defense the way he was on the court during games. The Knicks quickly vaulted to the top of the league in defense and were becoming a force to be reckoned with. His offense was it has always been, but on the defensive end of the court he was giving NY and NY fans what they craved for years. Heart and Soul.

With the combination of coach Woodson’s love and desire for defense , and the desire and know how of Tyson Chandler , do you think this can take the Knicks to new levels? If you add Marcus Camby, who will be a great back up center for Tyson and gives the Knicks a 48 minute 1, 2 punch. How far can this team go and how good can this defense be in 2012/13? Lets find out. Lets get it…

Peter A.  Knickswag Chief Editor

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  • http://twitter.com/jgsportstalk Jinx

    Great article. I think Tyson is the immovable player with the Knicks. If there is no Tyson, Knicks are in big trouble.

  • Peter A

    I agree jinx.

  • Joe D

    Great article. I absolutely agree that Chandler plays much better in Woodson’s system than he ever did with Mike D’Antoni.

  • BigTyme

    I concur as well, although, I’d feel a lot better knowing Cambyland is in the mix

  • Jason Finkel

    great read!

  • http://TysonChandlertheHeartandSoulofNYBasketball/Knickswag Teena

    I agree Chandler is an unbelievable player. Plays great D and works really hard. Although, he needs to check his temper at times as he gets into foul trouble with that, but he is the key to the Knicks success. He’s got the Ring to prove it and I know he is constantly trying to show the players what it takes to win. I can also see how key he has been in the Olympic games as well. He’s a winner, for sure. Nice article on Tyson. :)

  • http://swishhndish.wordpress.com Curtis

    Chandler is the defensive anchor, perfect for what we need at that position. His leadership will be needed for us to win title(s).

  • Muhammed

    Glad we have this guy on our team. I remember when some Knicks Fans were complaining about how we overpaid him but I loved the signing from Day 1

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  • vern

    Good read! LOL, this is the first time I’ve seen all comments agree.Tyson is the anchor of the defense and what has been missing in the middle. Camby backing him up will give the opponent no relief.Chandler,being so important to the defense does need to get a check on those stupid fouls he gets for reaching. His play should make Stoudemire feel guilty if he doesn’t give his all to the defense.I’m sure Stoudemire doesn’t want to be known as the weak link in the defense.