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The NY Knicks have 20 roster spots filled for training camp, but still seem interested in Josh Howard. Our friend Jared Zwerling has a nice article on Espn.com today on a few things including Josh Howard and one of the invitees making the team. VIA JARED ZWERLING:

  The Knicks first inquired about Howard last month, but if they’re serious about adding him now, they’ll have to cut one of their players with a non-guaranteed contract, which applies to training camp only. Currently, the Knicks have 20 training camp invites (including Wallace), which is the maximum amount allowed per team.

One rookie to look at is John Shurna. He has had some trouble getting his shot off in Summer League play, due to his unorthodox shooting motion, but definitely can fill it up.

The Knicks have two guaranteed roster holes to fill, so if they want to stay in-house, Wallace would obviously be the likeliest choice to make the team (and he’d earn $1.7 million). While Chris Smith may have the edge for the second spot, don’t count out John Shurna. He’s been earning rave reviews and being compared to Steve Novak, and the Knicks could benefit from having another 3-point shooter around, especially one who’s a stretch four. Smith and Novak are really the team’s only consistent long-range marksmen.

I would like to see Howard here, however would not be opposed to one of the rookies making this team and gain some experience.  If you want to read the great article by Zwerling here is the link.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor. 

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