Warriors and Knicks Trade That Makes Sense

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Tyson Chandler and a 1st rounder for David Lee?

This time of the year the trade rumors swirl and the Knicks are no exception to the constant rumors. New York finds itself in a quagmire of sorts. With no financial flexibility and “slim to none” trade possibilities, thinking outside the box and going for broke is in my mind. Is it a possibility the Golden State Warriors, fresh off a great playoff run, would want to partner up with the Knicks to help each team get better for Tyson+Chandler+NBA+Star+Game+2013+F2TCQMsgwMYxnext year? Maybe this transaction could work for both sides.

Tyson Chandler and the 24th pick for David Lee:

First Reaction:  Everyone’s first reaction would be, why would the Warriors and the Knicks do this? Here is the breakdown for both teams, and why this could benefit both sides.

Warriors Point of View: G.S. tried to land Tyson Chandler and struck out in 2011. Then they tried to land DeAndre Jordan and struck out again the same year. They eventually landed the often-injured Andrew Bogut in a trade, who surprisingly inspired the team in the playoffs after coming in and out of the lineup all year.

However, G.S. is looking for a defensive presence at the center position for the next 2-3 years. Is Bogut the answer? Absolutely not Warriors fans, he clearly is a stopgap until his salary comes off the books or they can find a potential upgrade.

David Lee, a one-time Knick, has been in a Warriors uniform since 2010. He is a complete player on the offense; he can post up, drive and ny_u_chandlet66_cr_400finish with both hands, as well as stick the mid-range and deep jumper all day. The Warriors had a great run in the playoffs without David who was nursing a hip injury. With the emergence of Carl Landry at power forward, the Warriors can spell David with Carl and a little bit of Draymond Green, as well as the 24th pick to select whomever they like. They clearly do not need David to advance in the playoffs, as they proved this year.

Picking up Tyson Chandler for David Lee will give Golden State the center they have coveted for years, solidifying their defense for the next 2 years at least. They can then trade Andrew Bogut for some PF help or use him off the bench in limited minutes to keep his body rested, while giving the Warriors a 1,2 punch that most teams would die for. In order for you to get better you have to give up something of value. With a core of Jack, Curry, Tyson, and Thompson, along with the return of Brandon Rush, the Golden State Warriors can afford to give up D-Lee in order to add the defensive stalwart they crave.

Knicks Point of View: New York’s lack of inside presence was exposed in the playoffs. With the injuries to Amar’e and no other offensive power forward on the team, David Lee would be a great addition to the roster.  He can start at PF, with STAT coming off the bench, giving New York balance on the floor for the first time in the “Melo” era. Who will be the Knicks starting center? With the taxpayer mini mid available to them, they could sign a player like Samuel Dalembert along with retaining Earl Barron. They could also look at Henry Sims and have a platoon at the center leeposition. We all saw how Tyson stunk up the joint in the playoffs. Adding a PF, with the offensive skills of D-Lee, is worth the departure of Tyson Chandler in my humbled opinion.

Giving up Tyson would hurt, don’t get me wrong, but with Camby on the roster and a chance for him to prove to the Knicks brass and fans that his signing was not a mistake, the Knicks have their back-up center at the least. You are banking on a platoon of Dalembert, Camby, Barron and Sims. If 2 of those guys can’t give you solid minutes then the Knicks have deeper issues than we thought.

In Summary: This trade works for both sides. The Warriors get their defensive center that they have coveted for years, and the Knicks reunite with David Lee, get the offensive presence at the power forward position that they desperately need. I like this trade for both teams, so help me unite the Warriors and Knicks brass to come to the table and get this deal done.

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  • vern

    I’d go for that move.

  • Andre King

    Sounds like a good trade !!!

  • Jeff

    Defense wins championships, the thing that hurt the Knicks was NOT inside presence, but injuries. Carmelo , JR ,were battling with them and Amare & Tyson were coming back from them. This trade is coming from an obvious Warrior supporter. Taking away defense for offence is counter productive, especially when you have an NBA scoring champ like Carmelo Anthony.

    • Louis

      Yea your right, contract wise will also handcuff the Knicks. David is good not great, doesn’t have a NBA chip ether. Having two PF making that much money just doesn’t make sense. Banking on a platoon of Dalembert, Camby, Barron and Sims is not an ideal situation for any NBA team. Horrible idea Peter A

  • Steve Tesch

    Not a terrible trade but why give up 24th pick?

    • Peter A

      Got to make it worth while for GS

  • http://www.calvincj.wix.com/cjflight07 calvin

    I go for this deal only if we get some kind of defensive big in the middle during FA…I like David Lee….but the front court of STAT, Lee, Copeland, Melo isn’t getting many back line stops….Camby could help, but how wmany games is he playing?

    • Peter A

      I am thinking Dalembert

  • Nick

    I’d do the trade, but not include the pick. If Chandler goes, would be great to grab Dieng at 24 (or Bullock who I’d like).

    Also have to get Sims back in here.

    • Peter A

      i hear ya, but got to make it worth while for GS

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  • Angel Betances

    Why would the Knicks trade their only center for another maximum level contracted power foward? Does anyone remember that David Lee signed a max deal with the Knicks and traded to Golden State right after they signed Amar’e Stoudemire? Remember getting Ronnie Turiaf, Keleena Aizebuke, Anthony Randolph in July of 2010?

    This trade doesn’t work unless you get Amar’e off your books.