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Today we can all give our opinions on the State of the NY Knicks and the future of the club. Some opinions will be positive and some will be negative, but if you really look into the state of the team today and what is in store for the Knicks in the playoffs, you have to wonder if the outcome will be a positive experience or a negative?  The Knicks have a very good record; still lead the Atlantic (1 game) and are currently seeded 3rd in the East, but the Knicks are slipping in both categories and might drop further in the standings if they do not correct some problems and bad habits. Here is the State of the New York Knicks.

What is Happening:

Carmelo Anthony: Melo has been a leading scorer in the league and total assassin offensively for the Knicks. If not for him the Knicks wouldurl-4 be a lottery team, PERIOD! However, this does not mean we can’t criticize Melo on his play. Carmelo Anthony needs to make quicker decisions with the ball if the Knicks want to go anywhere. His ball stopping “ISO MELO” hurts the team in every way. It is not a coincidence that the Knicks move the ball when Melo is not in the game. If you watch the elite teams in the league, they move the ball in an out and back and forth, getting great shots on cherished possessions. The Knicks do not do that when Melo holds the ball 3/4 of the shot clock, with the rest of the team standing around, causing the offense to become stagnant.

Answer: Quicker decisions by Melo, move the ball getting your teammates involved.

Mike Woodson: Woody overall as Knicks coach has done an admirable job, however the last 2 months his coaching has declined dramatically. He has not figured out how to move the ball in the offense away from “ISO MELO” getting other players involved. Players such as Novak and Copeland can score if they are given the opportunity and put into the right position to do so. Many times Woody takes players out of the game with the hot hand never to be seen again. Woody also has to do what he said he would do, and that is “hold players accountable” again. When someone jacks up a bad shot or misses a defensive assignment he needs to make a statement and bench that player to prove a point. Furthermore, his player rotations have been less then desirable and disappointing to be honest with you. He falls in love with the wrong players and shuns the others.

Answer: Hold players accountable offensively and defensively.

Raymond Felton: When Felton was reacquired instead of the resigning of J Lin, I thought it was the right move to make. Lin was a huge question mark coming off an injury; I believed he was too much of a risk for at team trying to compete for a title. Raymond has not been the same urlplayer since returning from his broken pinkie. As the floor general, Raymond needs to control the PACE of the game and be the leader on the floor for the coach. He is not doing that, his shot selection is not the one of a leader and his costly turnovers at inopportune times hurt the team more than we think. He needs to tell players if they are taking bad shots and take control of the team as a leader. I want my PG to lead, not blend in with the team and their bad habits. If Raymond cannot do that then the Knicks need to look elsewhere next year. It’s actually funny; the Knicks have three point guards, but NONE that can lead this team on the floor. That is a major problem.

Answer: Be the floor general Raymond not a role player!

JR Smith: I like JR and what he brings to the team, but Woody’s infatuation with him has really hurt New York. He has the same “ISO JR” style game as Melo and his erratic scoring streaks and shot selection hurts the Knicks at NBA: Sacramento Kings at New York Knickspoints in the game, but without JR the Knicks would have a lost more games at this point in the season. It is Woody’s job to harness JR and understand what he is as a player and what he is NOT.

Answer: Harness and limit JR’s “good, bad and the ugly”.

When I look back at the State of the Knicks at this point in the season, I always come back to the coach. Mike Woodson is a good coach, but his inconsistent message and coaching has hurt this team the past few months. We cannot blame the coach for injuries and inconsistent play of players, but the coach is in charge of putting payers in the right position to succeed, Has Woody done that? I ask you Knicks fans?

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