Where Will Phil Jackson Land?

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The drama of Phil Jackson’s next job is back in the news. I guess fishing in Montana on a beautiful day with an accomplished career and money in the bank is not Phil’s idea of retirement! The living legend is interested in coming back to the bench or a rumored front office position with an NBA franchise. Who will take the bait lure him out of his fishing waders?jack_perkins_phil_jackson

The Brooklyn Nets are that team. Let me explain. The Nets are, and continue to be, the little brother to the New York Knicks, not because of wins, but because of the history of the team and their loyal fan base intertwined into this city for the last 67 years. From Richie Guerin to Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks and their fans have had love affairs over the years.

This passion is not instant and cannot be duplicated in one year. The Nets are looking to build a brand and become a great franchise in the NBA. They have a great chance this offseason, no matter what happens in the playoffs short of an NBA Title, to take the next step as a franchise. After the season, 2 coaches will be on the top of my list. One of these coaches is Phil Jackson. The other is Jeff Van Gundy, which is another situation entirely.

Phil Right for the Job:

Phil Jackson is a legend in the NBA and basketball period! He is itching to get back into the league. He is either looking for a front office position or an opportunity to take over a team that is ready to compete for an NBA tittle. The Nets could be that perfect fit? We all know Mikhail Prokhorov wants a BIG name at the helm of his team.

Who is better then Phil Jackson to lead the Brooklyn Nets to the next level, with hopes to surpass the Knicks as the team of the city. Will

phil-jackson-knick1the Nets ever pass the Knicks as the “King’s of Basketball” in New York? Probably not, but adding Phil as their leader, coupled with a roster of Deron, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez and other notable vets and rooks, is a fine place to start.

Phil has the knack of elevating teams play with Zen books and ego stroking. Many veteran players would come to play for the Zen Master on veteran minimum contracts. The addition of strong vets is the key to a successful team and a impressive playoff run.

Phil Jackson, who was spurned by the Knicks last year, is ready to get back into the league, and there are not many teams who have the resources and the roster that would entice Phil back to the sidelines or front office for his last tenure.

Phil Jackson or bust might be the Nets plan for the 2013/14 season. If that doesn’t pan out, another coach is lurking…Jeff Van Gundy.


Peter A – Knickswag

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