While Felton Struggles, Lin Thrives

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The Internal Struggle: Lin or Felton


Raymond’s Game

Revisiting the Felton vs. Lin saga is always fun for me, but their performances recently have me rethinking my thought process. I am not here to jump the fence and head over to the Lin camp, although I feel like 1203S99_RayFeltonRaymond is making me think twice. I am thinking…what’s wrong with Ray?

I still believe Ray is the right fit for the Knicks over Lin. He is known as a tough defender with an aggressive mentality. Raymond is averaging decent numbers: 33 minutes, 16 pts. 6.5, ast. 2 to’s a game. However, Raymond in recent days has not run the team well. I hate to say that, but it’s true. You will not find a bigger Felton guy than me, so don’t get me wrong. I still believe in what he does for the team and his abilities to help lead this team to where they all want to go. From my point of view, I believe Ray is trying to do too much. Maybe he is trying to be a Chris Paul type, but the results are not showing this. With the addition of Jason Kidd this year, Raymond has had some of his deficiencies hidden. If not for Jason Kidd, I think the Knicks would be above average, but not 19-7. Raymond needs to do what he does best and that is push the ball and drive to the hole to create for others.

Trust me, Raymond is still my guy and I believe he will get his shot back and make fewer mistakes with ball in his hand in the coming weeks. Believe that!


Jeremy’s Ballin!

Jeremy Lin on the other hand is doing some nice things right now. His season average is 32 minutes per game, 11 pts., 6 ast. 4 rbs. with 2.7 to’s . Interesting stats for the young player. I was definitely not jeremy-linexpecting him to play the way he has so far. Early in the season he was not ready to play. His health and chemistry was not there yet, but since the addition of James Harden, Lin has thrived. Even though his 38 point performance this year came when James Harden was sidelined. Despite that game, Lin has been playing off the ball a little more sharing the ball with Harden at the PG duties. Lin impressed me this last Knicks home again against Houston as he pushed the ball down the court and was very aggressive; which is what you want from your PG if you have those type players to compliment him. He is definitely hooping it up.


I’m Stickin’ with Ray

All in all, the reason I did not want Lin here was a simple thought process. His amazing two weeks captivated me as well as the whole world, but when he got hurt I was not sure he would be able to handle the NBA season from a health standpoint.  The amount of  money that would be given to him I believed was too much and that would hurt your cap situation and flexibility for a player that has only played 30 games and not shown he can handle the grind of the NBA season. I was wondering what would happen if he went down with an injury and we had a suspect back up, Now take into account, I did not know they would go out and get Kidd and Prigioni, although I still thought it would be a mistake to take the chance on Jeremy. The Knicks were in a win now mode. Remember Lin’s season ended with knee surgery. Mike D ran his butt into the ground and that was a problem for me, especially if he was going to come back to be the starting Point Guard for the New York Knicks.

It was interesting and impressive how Glen Grunwald and his inner circle have been thinking outside the box for the last two years since they stole TC from the rest of the league with the brilliant amnesty move. Bringing Ray to reclaim his lost season and get back to the Pick n Roll he enjoyed here so much in 2010. Raymond vs. Lin. I will take Raymond Felton, but Lin is knocking on my minds door.


Peter A. Knickswag Chief

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