Why Marcus Needs to Get Burn

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Marcus Camby is an important cog to the New York Knicks roster and they don’t even know it. The skills he brings to the team will help and the Knicks are in desperate need as of this minute. Defense and intimidation are his skill and his body of work is in the stats. It is time for Marcus to get his minutes and help this team get back to top 5 defensive play.

Marcus Camby is a veteran. He has done it all in his career, except win the elusive championship. He agreed to come to the Knicks where he 22785790-293excelled over a decade ago. He never felt like he was far away from the team that he had success with. He was always hoping a return to the Knicks was in his future. His chance to come back and help this team win a title is what motivates him. He is back healthy for the first time this season, playing in multiple games since last week. Now is the time to give him 20-25 minutes a game and let him do what he does best, defend, alter shots and intimidate.

The Knicks have gone soft at this point in the season. Allowing teams to get into rhythm and drive to the basket with ease. Tyson, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, is looking like he is tired and alone on the defensive end. Add Camby to the line-up, playing him with Tyson at times and Amare at others. Let Marcus intimidate with his uncanny knack for blocking shots and deterring others from coming into the paint. The new “Twin Towers” is what this team needs.

Marcus is a very good passer from the high pick and if given the chance he can get his timing back to the consistent jumper he once was known for. Marcus can help this team defensively while allowing Amare to dominate on the offense.

The Knicks have been lost on defense for the past few weeks now. Insert Marcus and let’s see what happens. The Knicks have to straighten this ship out if they want to get to the next level. Marcus can be that key piece to steady the course.


Peter A. Knickswag Chief

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