In Mike Woodson We Trust

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The Knicks organization has a small sample of head coach Mike Woodson’s coaching style to analyze. So far, his coaching skills have been well received by the team. Will this translate to a winning season?url-2

Under Woodson, last year’s regular season, the Knicks went 18-6 and never lost 2 games in a row. Out of the 6 games they lost, only 2 slip ups were apparent against teams they should have beaten in Toronto and Cleveland.

Losing stings Woodson and it might have rubbed off on to the Knicks players. If we want to be a contender this season, losing to mediocre teams and teams that are not contending for the playoffs just cannot happen.

Home court is something that needs to be protected and Woodson relayed this message many times last season. Teams have to fear coming to the Garden because they know the Knicks will be tough to beat at home.

All of the players seem ready to do whatever it takes to improve themselves as players. They have been getting fit, working on different parts of their game and competing in the Olympics.  All this has taken the Knicks players attitudes to a whole new level.

Woodson has spent a lot of time over the summer traveling to catch up with the players. Keeping this team focused on his message of defense isurl-1 the key for the up coming season.

Playing time should not be an issue and the players better be prepared to do what is best for the team. Woodson preaches this and I think the players have trust in him.

Can the Knicks continue thoughout the season without losing 2 games a row for the entire 2012-13 season? I can’t see why they can’t.

Can the Knicks win 2 out of 3 games for the entire season? If so, it would give them 54 wins. This is probably strong enough for 3rd or 4th in the Conference, but is this going to be good enough?

I think 54 plus wins is a must and I actually believe 60 wins could be reached for the first time since 92-93 season, but can this unit actually create franchise history and hit 61 wins for the first time?

Leon Jacobsen @JacobsenLeon - Knickswag Contributor

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