Would Shawne Williams Help the Knicks?

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Fresh off another embarrassing arrest, Shawne Williams is back, healthy and ready to give it another try. Could he land on the New York Knicks?

The Knicks are in need of scoring. Spreading the floor for the open three-ball was the job we envisioned for Steve Novak. The Knicks 113163733_display_imagecommitted 4 years – 16 million dollars to Novakaine, but his minutes in the rotation never were consistent and he did not gain traction all year. Some of this was his fault, however some blame landed on the coaching and stubbornness of Mike Woodson. When Novak fell out of the rotation a surprise player came on the scene, this player was Cope. Better known to you as Chris Copeland, Cope showed a sweet shooting stroke and the knack to hit the open three. Now that Cope was exposed to the rest of the league, he might get a bigger contract than the Knicks can afford. If they lose Cope and are left with only Novak to fill the SF position, the Knicks will need to find another bargain to add to the mix for the 13/14 season.

Could Shawne Return?

In Shawne’s first tenure here in the NYC, he was a complete surprise. With the urging of his fellow teammates in training camp, the Knicks brass decided to keep the silky sweet shooter on the roster as the 15th man. Slowly he moved up the bench until he finally got his chance. Shawne Williams walked onto the court and did not disappoint. Williams has the size at 6’9” to shoot over opposing small forwards, while also having the willingness to bang down low if needed. His touch has never been the question mark, but it is his mid-range game and his lack of post up game that really makes him a one-dimensional player on the offense end of the court.

On the defensive end of the court Shawne can handle himself quite well. If he can give the Knicks the same defensive effort like he did hispodwilliams110212 first stint in the orange and blue, then NY is actually upgrading the SF spot. Cope and Novak are both weak defensively. Even though I am partial to Cope staying on this roster, it is possible that the Knicks could sign Williams to the vets min (1.4 million), then sign Cope to a possible 2-3 year deal worth around 3-5 million a year, and then trade him to the team that desires his services. Once again, I do not want to trade Cope, but the Knicks are desperate to add players to fill positions, especially the PG and PF spots. In return for Cope the Knicks could acquire a player that will immediately help then in a need area, while still adding a player like Williams at the SF that can stretch the floor and give you a solid defensive effort. Shawne Williams could be that guy.

If the Knicks are going to win anything they must catch lighting in a bottle with players like Shawne Williams. With their 24th pick the Knicks must make the right selection and cannot miss. Finding the right chemistry for the roster is what will take the Knicks out of the 2nd round and keep Melo in a Knicks uniform for the foreseeable future.

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