The Zen Master Speaks on the Knicks

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Via New York Post

If the Knicks make the playoffs, some players suggested the Knicks can do some damage. The chief reason, as Jackson sees it, are the contributions from the likes of J.R. Smith and Amar’e Stoudemire to ease Anthony’s load.

“Now they have more than one option out there on the floor, and I think that we’ll give teams trouble,” said Jackson, who explained the playoff format is big for evaluating the future.

“You’re playing a team in a seven-game series, you’re really seeing who’s going to be attacked, how they stand up to the pressure, who performs in the critical situations, what the grind of a multiple-game series does to a team and how they react,” Jackson said. “Those are all valuable lessons.”

While many believe coach Mike Woodson is living on borrowed time, Jackson spoke positively about how the team has responded.

“Mike has a philosophy. It’s worked for him in the past. It’s worked for him in Atlanta,” Jackson said. “One of the reasons why they’ve been successful in the last month and a half … has been their defense has improved.”

Jackson loved what he saw defensively against the Nets when the Knicks recorded 11 steals.

“I’m still a coach that believes in pressure, pressure defense, playing like we saw the Knicks play last night — anticipation, turnovers become run-outs,” Jackson said. “The triangle offense is one of the best offenses to run because of its balance and because players can play defense out of an offense like that. Your defense creates offense and your offense creates defense.”

Knickswag Notes:

I have to believe that Phil has already decided the fate of head coach Mike Woodson. Woody has done some positive things this last stretch of games, but his overall grade on the season is a D at best.

As far as J.R. Smith goes, Phil has hit it dead on, saying that J.R. has added something the Knicks have lacked all season. When J.R. is engaged, attacking and stroking the jumper, the Knicks are a very good team, but we all know that J..R is nothing but an inconsistent tease of a player that will always drive us nuts when we need him the most. I will never forget last years stinker in the playoffs by J.R.

Amar’e has had a very productive season, especially coming off the injury riddled season of the past 2 years. We all know that Amar’e will be gone from this team in 2015 unless he wants to stay for the vets minimum, which is a strong possibility knowing the strong character and class of STAT.

Shumpert is a player that makes me scratch my head. Some nights he is a defensive stud, and on other nights he is an offensive disaster, sometimes on both nights you can see both. I want to believe that Shump can become a solid lock down defender who can hit the open jumper, however this year I have really soured on him, hopefully Phil hasn’t.

Moving forward it is up to Phil to add the proper role players to help the Knicks become competitive next year with his eyes on 2015.

Whether or not this team makes the playoffs the Knicks are in a “evaluation” stages of a complete makeover. We have to trust Phil will do the right thing. But first lest get the 8th seed and hope and pray they can do some damage.

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